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About the Jr. Kings

The El Segundo Regents (DBA) the Los Angeles Junior Kings (Federal Tax ID# 95-4743868) is a 501-C3 non-profit organization dedicated to the development of young individuals into outstanding student athletes, productive members of society, and responsible young men and women.

Our staff and volunteers are led by Kelly Sorensen, Executive Director of the Los Angeles Junior Kings, and governed by a five-person Board of Directors headed by Chairman and Director of Parent Education Steve Yovetich. The Board is assisted by six non-voting Board members.

LAJK annually fields more than two dozen teams separated into two categories: elite AAA teams, and Tier 2 A and B teams. All teams in both categories compete under the administration of USA Hockey, which in California is also represented locally the California Amateur Hockey Association (CAHA) and the Southern California Amateur Hockey Association (SCAHA). It’s the objective of LAJK to produce player who develop the skills necessary at each level so that each player may advance to the next appropriate skill level team. Our emphasis in the earliest stages of team play is to teach the skills necessary to advance; as with all competitive sports, as athletes progress the emphasis turns to team success.

In addition to team and league play, LAJK also hosts several tournaments throughout the year; individual LAJK teams may participate in these – or other, outside, tournaments – at the coaches’ discretion and with the cooperation of participating parents.