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Update regarding spring and summer hockey plans

By Brian McDonough, 05/13/20, 5:45PM PDT


Ensuring safety as the top priority, the Los Angeles Jr. Kings and LA Lions have announced an update regarding their spring and summer hockey plans amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

To our Jr. Kings and LA Lions Hockey Family,

What an amazing season!

Two of our teams qualified for the USA Hockey National Championships; four were crowned CAHA Tier I state champions; three advanced to the CAHA Tier II State Championships; and three more advanced to the SCAHA semifinals - just one win away from advancing to the CAHA A/BB/B State Championships. With 35-teams and 525 players, it was the largest membership base we've had in our programs history.

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted not only hockey, but our entire lives at breakaway speed. In an instant, school, community, hockey and human lives were taken away creating a new, remote and often fearful reality. For all of our LAJK/LA Lions families and the entire hockey community, this new reality has added uncertainty and disappointment where the excitement of playoffs and the final months of school used to be.

The best news is that we all play hockey and, as we've shown time and again, hockey players are strong, resilient and triumph above adversity together as a team - as the LAJK/LA Lions club.

Throughout this time of uncertainty, we've been working closely in partnership with the LA Kings, Toyota Sports Performance Center and USC Keck/Meyer Sports to ready ourselves for the "new" normal. We're preparing to open and resume hockey whenever the time comes and, as we always have, with the upmost care and devotion to the health and safety of our membership. When the doors at TSPC open and the time to resume training comes, we'll continue to devote all of our resources and energy to our mission of individual and team development with the finest leadership while always protecting the safety and wellness of our players and their families. 

In the days and weeks to come, you can expect to receive more information regarding new policies and protocols regarding health and safety, as well as our LAJK/LA Lions coaching lineup, up-to-date schedules for lessons, tune-up skates and spring/summer hockey in partnership with the CA Patriots.  We'll be releasing all of this information to our families once proper health and safety protocols have been CONFIRMED by the appropriate leadership groups at the local, county and state levels.

While we have no idea what the world will look like in September, we know what we'll be doing: Actively preparing for the unknown in an effort to resume playing the game we love. I believe no other sport teaches our players to be student-athletes and leaders in our community better than our game of hockey. It's in the time of adversity the world needs more hockey players.

Please take advantage of this downtime to enjoy your family and friends, as well as your training and individual development through a variety of skills and activities. We'll be back on the ice soon with our busy schedules, and I hope you'll look back on this experience as a formative one as it relates to becoming an amazing son/daughter, student and teammate.

In crisis, the world looks for leaders to be strong, decisive and unwavering in their commitment to positive change. I thank my lucky stars we're hockey players and look forward to seeing your leadership blossom in the very near future.

Steve Yovetich, President
LA Jr. Kings/LA Lions Hockey Club