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Jr. Kings announce teams, coaching staffs for 2017-18 season

By bmcdonough, 04/27/17, 9:00AM PDT


Jr. King Families,

As we wrap up a successful 2016-17 season, the Los Angeles Jr. Kings have been preparing for the upcoming 2017-18 campaign - one we expect to bring continued promise, on and off the ice.  Our focus is to raise the bar relating to all facets of our program.

We were pleased with the competitiveness and organization of this year's teams, and expect even better results next year thanks to the significant advances we have made in regards to our coaching and player development structure.

We will once again ice seven teams at the Tier I level (Midget 18U, Midget 16U and 15U Minor; Bantam Major and Minor; and Pee Wee Major and Minor), with tryouts scheduled for May 12th, 13th and 14th at Toyota Sports Center.  The Tier I coaching lineup is as follows: 



Midget 18UAAA / Head Coach Barry Dreger - Assistants C. Souto, J. Bowkus

Midget 16UAAA / Head Coach Jack Bowkus - Assistants B. Dreger and N. Vachon

Midget 15UAAA / Head Coach Jaroslav Modry - Assistants J. Kemp and J. Storr

Bantam AAA Major / Head Coach Jeff Turcotte - Assistants G. Murray, J. Gasseau and J. Bowkus

Bantam AAA Minor / Head Coach Shawn Pitcher - Assistants J. Modry and I. Nikulin

Pee Wee AAA Major / Head Coach Nick Vachon - Assistants J. Turcotte, C. Souto and D. Emery

Pee Wee AAA Minor / Head Coach Jeremy Daughaday - Assistants S. Pitcher, and M. Tatavosian


There will be five teams at the Tier II level (Midget 16U or 18U and two apiece at the Bantam and Pee Wee levels).  The tryouts for Tier II are June 2nd, 3rd and 4th and the coaching lineup is as follows:



Midget 16U or 18UAA / Head Coach Erik Lektorp - Assistant J. Bain and B. Cooke

Bantam AA1 (2003) / Head Coach Johnny Kemp - Assistants E. Lektorp and B. Dreger

Bantam AA2 (2004) / Co-Head Coaches Bobby Hannah & Erik Lektorp - Assistant W. Radjvee

Pee Wee AA1 (2005/2006) / Head Coach Maik Tatavosian - Assistants B. Beebe and J. Daughaday

Pee Wee AA2 (2007) / Co-Head Coaches Brad Stuart and Jeff Turcotte - Assistant D. Cornforth


We are planning for up to fourteen A/BB/B teams (Bantam A, Peewee A, Peewee BB, two at Squirt A, and three at Squirt BB; and we will have up to six at the Mite level (three Mite A (aka Track I) and up to three at Mite B (aka Track II).  A/BB/B tryouts are June 9th, 10th and 11th.  The A/BB/B coaching lineup is as follows:



*Bantam A (2003/2004) / Head Coach Tony Rudy - Assistant B. Hoagland

Pee Wee A (2005/2006) / Head Coach Tommy Tartaglione - Assistant S. Jakiel

Pee Wee BB / Head Coach Stephane Desjardins - Assistant C. Carlbom

Squirt A1 (2007) / Head Coach Mike Macy - Assistants W. Radjvee and J. Modry

Squirt A2 (2008) / Head Coach James Gasseau - Assistants I. Nikulin and A. Sutton

Squirt BB1 (2007) / Head Coach Chet Carlbom - Assistant T. Tartaglione

Squirt BB2 (2008) / Head Coach Dimitri Voulelikas - Assistants S. Desjardins and D. Olynick

Squirt BB3 / Head Coach Jeff Bain - Assistant S. Jakiel

Mite A1 (2009) / Head Coach Jamie Storr - Assistant M. Macy

Mite A2 (2009) / Head Coach Joe Consolazio - Assistant D. Voulelikas

Mite A3 (2009-2010) / Head Coach Brett Beebe - Assistant J. Haber

Mite B1 (2009-2011) / Head Coach Stephane Desjardins - Assistant M. Tatavosian

Mite B2 (2010-2011) / Head Coach TBD based on demand

Mite B3 (2010-2011) / Head Coach TBD based on demand

*Indicates Lakewood Ice as Home Rink

We feel this is a great assembly of teams, and we're fortunate to offer such decorated and experienced professional coaches to spearhead the developmental success of all of our kids.

Know that the information above is subject to change.

In closing, and with our HockeyKinetix Spring Development program in full swing, fall tryouts weeks away, please watch for upcoming communication regarding the NEW Registration Procedures and Tryout Schedules for the Tier I, Tier II and A/BB/B weekends.

Warm regards,

Kelly Sorensen
Executive Director